About Us

Our Mission

Foley Youth Baseball Association was formed in 2008 to provide a fun, safe, and educational environment for children with our nation’s national past-time: Baseball. We believe organized baseball is more than bats, balls, gloves, and uniforms. Our organization wants to give children the opportunity to learn the aspects of teamwork, character, courage, loyalty, respect for authority and self-discipline that enables our youth to lead our nation tomorrow through the game of baseball.

Our Board Members

Josh Kampa, President

Zach Ethen, Vice President

Mike Beier, Treasurer

Pamela Vizenor, Secretary

Shawn Hovland, Jesse Brenny, John Drexler, Brenda Stay, Travis Scott, Ryan Gapinski, Corey Pieper, and Maria Orton

Our Annual Community Meeting

Parents and/or guardians are welcome to attend our annual community meeting in August.  Check our Facebook page for the details!

Our Fundraisers

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming fundraising events!