Welcome to Foley Youth Baseball!

Foley Youth Baseball was started in 2008 by a group of parents led by Dan Wennerberg with a mission to provide a safe, fun, and educational environment for the youth in our area. This organization is made up entirely of volunteers, many of whom work year-round to make sure the mission is carried out. We thank all parents, guardians, and players for all of the support in this mission! Read our full mission statement.

365 Day Raffle – January Winners!!!

January 1 – Ramona Schaefer                  January 17 – Gabe Marcotte
January 2 – Mark DeVriendt                    January 18 – Rocky Benoit
January 3 – Max Jacobson                        January 19 – Patrick O’Neil
January 4 – Charles Brambrink               January 20 – Jack Vizenor
January 5 – Nicole Jasmer                        January 21 – Doug Roehl
January 6 – Brad Ruhoff                           January 22 – Bearnie Winkelman
January 7 – Kelly Puhl                               January 23 – Dennis Barthel
January 8 – Nikki Kezar                            January 24 – Steve Bruss
January 9 – Patrick O’Neil                        January 25 – Megan Nies
January 10 – Erica Grecco                        January 26 – Jacob Lentner
January 11 – Angie Molitor                      January 27 – Melissa Gotvald
January 12 – Gene Poser                           January 28 – Tyler Spiczka
January 13 – Lucy Jurek                            January 29 – Russ Hackett
January 14 – Jesse Dapper                        January 30 – Dennis Gill
January 15 – Judy Peschl                           January 31 – Wyatt Hanson
January 16 – Josh Kampa

Preparing for Summer 2020 Baseball

Time to Round the Bases!! 
Online registration is open!

League Information

Foley Youth Baseball plays in the Central MN Community Baseball League (CMCBL) and the Gopher State League. The CMCBL includes children in grades 2 through 9 (ages 8-15). The Gopher State League teams, which are ages 12, 13, and 14 years old or grades 6 through 8, are picked based on evaluations that take place each fall. Both leagues play about 16 games starting the end of May, with the final tournaments in mid-July. Coaches reach out to the parents/guardians of their team in May to coordinate practice dates and times.

We also provide a Coach Pitch, non-competitive league for children in Kindergarten through grade 2  (ages 6-8). These teams practice and scrimmage against other Foley teams at the Foley school baseball fields. No traveling is necessary for the Coach Pitch league. This league starts in mid June and ends the end of July.

The VFW league is made up of 10th graders and the Legion league is 11th and 12th graders and are completely independent from the CMCBL and Gopher State League.

All leagues, except VFW, play games  in the evenings; usually around 6:00 pm. CMCBL and Gopher State League travel from Sartell to Pine City and go as far south as Rogers, MN with about half of the games being held at the Foley school baseball fields. Parents/guardians provide transportation to the games and practices.

For information about registration, uniforms, and equipment needed, please visit our Registration page.

Community Support

With the help of our sponsors, parents, and guardians, Foley Youth Baseball has been a great success to the children and teens in our community. Please continue to support FYB by volunteering to coach, help out with baseball field maintenance, assist at tournaments, as well as bake sale fundraisers.

Seat Plates still available

Get your name on some of the newest seats in town.  For $50 we will engrave your name onto a seat at the new varsity baseball field grandstand.  Your name will remain there for 3 years.  All proceeds will go towards the high school baseball program.  If you’re interested email Dean Dahmen   ddahmen@apps.isd51.org