2023 Teams

The following teams were put together with a great deal of time, energy, and consideration. For ages 8 thru 16, we utilized last years coach evaluations and the evaluations conducted by SCSU in the fall. These evaluations provide different insights, one provides a 3 month look into a kids development as a ball player, and the other gives a very cut and dry, unbiased look at a kids mechanics. Both provide insights, and neither are perfect. As an Association we used the best available data we have on the players to select our Gopher State Travel Teams, and then to balance evenly constructed CMCBL teams after those Gopher State players are selected. We try to limit teams to 12 kids, but absolutely no more than 13 players on a team as well. This is not an easy task, and we devote a significant amount of time doing our best to place kids appropriately, so we at Foley Youth Baseball ask that these teams be respected. Thank you.

Head coaches will contact you for practice and game schedules.

Bat Rules
Thank you to all of our sponsers!


Murphy Chevrolet
Coach Kuhlmann

I. Cutrer
C. Fuchs
G. Goebel
C. Goebel
L. Herbst
O. Kelash
A. Knowles
M. Kuhlmann
L. Kuhlmann
C. Kuhlmann
C. Lentner
M. Sims

Frandsen Bank and Trust
Coach Hess

J. Barzdis
M. Czech
M. Dahler
H. Hess
A. Hess
T. Hester
B. Johnson
L. Nordmann
B. Rasmussen
J. Scott
F. Weber
P. Weber

First National Bank of Milaca
Coach Nordhausen

H. Bemboom
P. Beutz
W. Borisevich
X. Bost
N. Graham
D. Hansen
B. Kotsmith
R. Latterell
J. Leske
M. Uner
K. VanDonn
D. Voit

Coaches Monger

I. Aeikens
C. Anderson
H. Funk
D. Gothman
D. Hoyt
A. Kazmierczak
R. Kazmierczak
K. Miller
S. Monger
K. Taute
C. Taute
N. Wassman


Tri County Insurance
Coach Stafford

M. Britz
R. Hackenmuller
J. Goerger
C. Hess
D. Hoyt
G. Kipka
K. Posterick
K. Robinson
Z. Ruhoff
B. Schmit
E. Schneider
C. Stafford

Duelm Lions Club
Coaches Beehler/Kotsmith

L. Anderson
C. Beehler
J. Bemboom
G. Kotmsith
B. Latterell
B. Maurer
B. Pitra
B. Rajkowski
D. Rajkowski
J. Stepec
E. Tomporowski
C. Turbes

Dewey Street Dental
Coaches Wilhelmi/Driessen

J. Barzdis
O. Driessen
T. Helmbrecht
A. Jansen
H. Jansen
L. Olson
D. Pieper
D. Rakke
L. Stoltz
C. Wilhelmi
J. Yager

New Life Church
Coaches Hovland/Herbst

G. Akers
E. Bauerly
G. Beutz
D. David
I. Herbst
M. Hovland
A. Kampa
A. Laudenbach
K. Lindgren
L. Nelson
G. Struss
L. Thorsten


Frandsen Bank and Trust
Coach Dieger

W. Brown
J. Darling
J. Dieger
E. Haller
J. Jovanovich
B. Kasner
M. Latterell
E. Lieser
T. Pozorski
J. Rea
C. Schmidt

Nordvik’s Photography
Coach Stay

E. Fuchs
B. Funk
B. Kiffmeyer
S. Pride
C. Shaw
R. Shaw
B. Stay
J. Stay
T. Tomporowski
J. Udermann
L. Udermann

Insurance Shoppe
Coach Travaglio

L. Iverson
F. Keating
W. Kiel
I. Lanners
C. Lilja
E. Malum
N. Neis
W. Peterson
G. Pitts
C. Westphal
K. Winkelman

J & J Painting
Coach Timpe

J. Brenny
A. Busch
G. Carroll
M. Ethen
B. Hennek
A. Kiel
C. Massman
K. Posterick
K. Rudolph
W. Thorsten
J. Timpe
W. Washa


Brenny Transportation
Coach Foss

L. Anderson
I. Bodnar
W. Clausen
L. Flatley
G. Gross
N. Jansen
L. Neuman
K. Rudolph
L. Shaw
M. Stadther
C. Stepec
T. Ziwicki


11AA – Coaches Peterson/Kampa

E. Swendra
M. Kotsmith
O. Schneider
B. Pieper
E. Faber
H. Beehler
B. Gruba
J. Rau
C. Herbert
P. Kipka
E. Kampa
H. Peterson

12AA – Coaches Ethen/Lyrenmann

C. Anderson
E. Bemboom
T. Ethen
B. Gapinski
S. Helmbrecht
S. Kjaer
B. Leabch
O. Lieser
J. Lyrenmann
E. Molitor
M. Vizenor

13AA – Coach Drexler

B. Blank
S. Brenny
E. Brunn
J. Drexler
C. Hackett
J. Lewandowski
V. Murphy
G. Orton
H. Sachs
C. Scott
P. Theis
E. Wojciechowski

14AA – Coach Bly

G. Anderson
R. Bauerly
M. Blaisdell
X. Bly
E. Brenny
E. Dieger
I. Ethen
G. Gerads
C. Knicely
C. Latterell
W. Swenson
I. Vizenor

14AAA – Coach Dahmen

J. Abfalter
C. Brenny
D. Dahmen
P. David
N. Gapinski
W. Harris
B. Kipka
N. Ludwig
W. Lyrenmann
J. Robinson
D. Rudnitski
R. Rudnitski

AGES 14,15,16 CMCBL

K & K Tire and Auto
Coach Bemis

O. Bemboom
O. Bemis
B. Blank
C. Foster
E. Lamberg
B. Larson
J. Lewandowski
P. Loehrer
M. Nielsen
H. Peterson
C. Stadther
F. Steffenson
D. Wheeler
H. Wilhelmi
E. Zniewski


Coach Beier

D. Beck
S. Brambrink
N. Brunn
J. Engmark
K. Frisbie
G. Gill
R. Hermanson
W. Juetten
W. Lueck
E. Morris
J. Orton
C. Ruekert
L. Stay
J. Welle
T. Wilhelmi
G. Wirth
M. Yanta


Bat Rules





Gopher State Bat Rules

VFW – bbcor required