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posted June 20, 2017

St. Cloud Rox game

Foley Youth Baseball will be the highlight of the July 16, 2017 –  4pm ROX game!

1.  Free admission for team members and coaches. (We need to get a count of
team members and coaches to ROX by July 1 so they can be assured that we will
have enough kids showing up to provide this activity).

2.  All others $8 per person (we will have a list/count on Thursday before the
game and our $8 tickets will be submitted as a group so we won’t need to stand
in line)

3.  Team members to arrive at 3:15 to warm up with ROX team,  enter the field
with ROX, and be announced as players enter the field and stand with ROX during
the National Anthem.

NEEDED:  Team members in uniform. Full name and usual position played
(Only players and coaches who are at field by 3:15 will be allowed to
participate… no exceptions….We need to respect the ROX organization on this
as it’s a pain for them to authorize people into dugout after the 3:15 time)

4.  We will be the group that plays the fun games in between innings!

This sounds like it will be a great Sunday afternoon of baseball! And a perfect
way to showcase our great baseball program.  As soon as possible please email
g.weisser@hotmail.com    to be put on the list or if you have any questions.


updated April 9, 2017

Bake Sale

The bake sale had a profit of $301!!!

Thank you for all that donated your time and talents.

Special thanks to the Scott Morris and Mark Rudolph families for running the sale.


posted Aug. 22, 2016

2017 board members

Elections were held at our community meeting on August 21.

Mark Rudolph continues as vice president for his 8th year.

Pam Foss continues as secretary for her 5th year.

Marc Mumm, Nate Anderson and Scott Morris, 2016 directors, are back on for 2017.

Matt Anderson is joining this year as a 4th director.

All candidates ran unopposed.

Thank you board members for your continued service!



On the right side of this page you will notice many small businesses that have sponsored our youth baseball organization.

Please support them however you can. 

Their sponsorship is an invaluable asset to our association!



There is a link below that gives parents/players important info on concussions.

Please check it out.



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