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posted Aug 29, 2017

Evaluations for 2018

September 13/14 at 5:30  Meet by the batting cage near field 2

This is for kids who want to play ball next year with us and are going to be in grades 4-8 during the 2017-18 school year.

To help with congestion on the first night and if you are able to.  We have set up an alphabetical schedule.

If your last name starts with A-M come Wednesday September 13,

last names starting with N-Z come Thursday September 14.

If this doesn’t work just come on the day that does.


updated Aug 29, 2017

Community Meeting

election results

 directors: Bart Bly, Dean Dahmen & Nate Anderson

treauser: Mike Beier

president: Brad Winkelman


posted June 20, 2017

St. Cloud Rox game

Thank you to Glorene Weisser for coordinating this event!

It was a lot of fun and all that came had a great time!


updated April 9, 2017

Bake Sale

The bake sale had a profit of $301!!!

Thank you for all that donated your time and talents.

Special thanks to the Scott Morris and Mark Rudolph families for running the sale.




On the right side of this page you will notice many small businesses that have sponsored our youth baseball organization.

Please support them however you can. 

Their sponsorship is an invaluable asset to our association!



There is a link below that gives parents/players important info on concussions.

Please check it out.



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